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Welcome to the home of all that is HarryMan.  This site is an historical account and collection of what was and to many still is, a beacon of hope for those that were lost in the vast sea of cable television shows and cult icons.  How many souls were saved once that glowing box of  molded plastic and circuit boards came to life beaming the stories and ideals that encompassed the program known as HarryMan Show?    None.

Well, where do I begin?  The HarryMan Show ran for three years on ESCTV and was considered by many to be the only program worth watching on the station.  If you ever actually saw an episode, than you can imagine just how much ESCTV's lineup sucked.  After three years the show finally stopped filming.  The last episode never aired publically.  It was a Christmas special that was only broadcast to a few selected fans (our family).  

In the beginning, the show was actually titled Ruxpin Theatre.  The name was later changed to The HarryMan Show.  HarryMan was actually a character of a character.  Will played as Bill Beckenworth who played HarryMan in various movies and shorts.  This idea of characters played by characters was used a few more times.  For instance, Dan's character Cousin Tex had an alter ego of the Pink Lasso.  Pink Lasso was the crime fighting alter ego that battled along side of HarryMan.

Since nobody has ever actually wasted enough time to do an episode guide the total amount of episodes is unknown.  There is still quite a bit of footage that was never used, as well as complete stories that were never aired.  Will any of this ever be used or edited for airing?  Well, anything is possible but I'm gonna go and see if I can stop a moving train by standing on the tracks.  I know I'll have better odds.






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