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Where did the HarryMan Show come from?  How did the dream of excellent entertainment come to fruition?  Well, it's really not that exciting.  

In the Spring of 1999 three brothers, Dan, Will and Jon decided to create a show of the hapless adventures of a second rated newspaper photographer slash super hero named George.  George had the alter ego of HarryMan and fought crime in the city, taking no pity on evildoers.  

The idea was spawned after Jon had spotted an alien/ape costume at Goodwill.  He and Will purchased the outfit for five dollars,  borrowed their fathers' camera and began filming what was thought to be a Bigfoot parody.  One thing led to another and soon the whole idea had switched towards a super hero film.  

Dan and Will also contributed a stop motion piece entitled 8cm on the first episode of HarryMan, which incidentally, was actually titled Ruxpin Theatre.  The original footage of this classic, sadly has been destroyed.

Now in it's 15th season, The HarryMan Show is growing in popularity.  It was featured on CNN's Larry King Live after becoming the first public access show to air full frontal nudity.  The program features guests from Jesse Jackson to Ernest P. Worrell.  The cast of characters has grown to over 50 and more are being planned.  It has gone from a bi-weekly show to weekly and has also been moved to primetime on Friday nights.  You can view the show at 8:00 every Friday on ESCTV cable channel 22, or email the website for a tape.