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Who Will Win Their Chance to be Featured on The HarryMan Show?  You Will Decide!!!

Goodbye Everyone!  :~( MMJ has gone to Basic Training. He will be there for about 7 weeks and then will return.
Good Luck MMJ!

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Friday @ 8PM on Cable Ch22 in East Peoria

Watch the HarryMan Show every
Thursday @ 6PM on Cable Ch22 in Peoria!

Monday July 23

Well, well, well lookee, lookee what we have here! It seems as though the little HarryMan official site will undergo some updates while the MMJ is on vacation down in Texas. Enjoy.

On the HarryMan news front there are little items of interest. Harryman has taken a well advised vacation to relax after having finished filming the last part of his trilogy of "Animatronic Gym teacher Dad" movies. What this means for the show is this; the show is on hiatus and will air re-runs until HM returns. The new HM show aired for the first time last friday (july 20). The show has appearances by MMJ, Handy Man Omen, among others. Watch for this show to be aired again this Thursday at 6PM in Peoria and Friday at 8PM in East Peoria on cable channel 22. The review should be up shortly.

More News
After a slew of complaints aimed at Niffer Jones, star quarterback for the PowderPuff High School, and his appearance in the mock tv-special skit he has released this statement:
"I am sorry if my appearance caused any problems but i really did win the big game and get the love of my high school sweetheart Jenny.....oh and join me this Saturday as I take on the Redbuoys! We're gonna kick some 'Buoy BUTT! WHOOO!"
-Niffer Jones

He still clearly doesn't get it. There is no "I" in team, Niffer, only when you learn this will you know why everyone complained. Teamwork is what sports are all about. This sad youth needs to learn this quickly or will soon be headed down the wrong path in life. Please be a mentor. If you know anyone like Niffer now is your time to help make a difference and bring about change.

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